Kennebec West Regional Farmland Protection Work Group

Who we are

Kennebec West is a regional work group dedicated to farmland protection.  Our goals are centered on what actions our towns can take individually and collectively to establish western Kennebec County as an attractive location to farm, keep our existing farms and encourage new farms, ensure town zoning and ordinances support farming, and cultivate community pride in our farming heritage.

Why start another group and program dedicated to farmland protection when there are state programs, Maine Farmland Trust, and local land trusts already working on this?

Kennebec West is laser focused on farmland protection at the municipal level.  What do our farmers need? Do our town ordinances and zoning rules encourage farming?  Do we communicate with our new residents the importance of farming?  Kennebec West has been asking our farmers and town officials these questions.  The diverse answers included things as simple as more farm machinery signage on Prescott Road to alert motorists in Manchester (done) to complex solutions of writing and implementing a Voluntary Municipal Farm Support Program in Monmouth (done).


Ways you can help?

  • Talk to a KW work group person.
  • Read your town comprehensive plan and look for goals related to farming.  Have they been implemented?
  • Stop by your local farm stand and farmers’ markets.


Kennebec West would like to thank

  • Our towns – Manchester, Monmouth, and Winthrop for their support 
  • Manchester staff for administering our finances and hosting our website
  • Davis Conservation Foundation for providing initial start-up funding


Helpful Links & Documents

Monmouth voters to consider tax break program for farmers. Click HERE to read article.

Western Kennebec County towns look for ways to keep farmers on farms. Click HERE to read article.

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. Click HERE for website.

State of Maine Dept. of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry.  Click HERE for website

Voluntary Municipal Farm Support Program. Click HERE for website

Maine Farmland Trust.  Click HERE for website 



Kennebec West Region Map.  Click HERE to view.

Manchester Active Farms.  Click HERE to view.

Winthrop Active Farms.  Click HERE to view.

Monmouth Active Farms.  Click HERE to view.


Interactive Map

Click HERE to view active farms in the Kennebec West Region.