2022 Tax Club Info:

How the Tax Club Works:

- Fill out an application (one per account) and return it to the office or email to taxcollector@manchesterme.org


- You will get an initial enrollment welcome letter with the first estimated monthly payment for August 15th, 2020 (this payment is based on your previous tax base).


- Once taxes are committed (end of August) you will receive the remaining 8 payment coupons in the mail for SEPTEMBER - APRIL.


- So long as your payments remain on time, no interest will accrue on your account throughout the Tax Club status.


- Any account that is delinquent does not qualify for Tax Club status.


- You can make your tax club payment by mail, through our online payment system, or at the counter.



If you fail to make regular monthly payments based on your yearly current taxes, interest will be charged as though you were not a Tax Club member.  Once a Tax Club member’s benefit is removed, it cannot be re-instated until the next fiscal year.