Q. How do I file for a marriage license?

A.  If one party resides in Maine, the intentions must be filed at the resident town. Then you are free to marry anywhere in Maine.

B.  If both parties reside in Maine, but in separate towns, the intentions may be filed at only one resident town, then you are free to marry anywhere in Maine.   

C.   If parties reside outside the state of Maine, you may file intentions at any municipal office, and then you are free to marry anywhere in Maine.  However, you are  encouraged as non-resident to file intentions at the municipal office where you plan to be married for genealogical purposes.  It will be easier many years from now for you to locate the marriage if everything is done in the same municipality).

Previously married persons MUST present, to the municipal clerk, a CERTIFIED copy of a divorce decree, divorce certificate or death certificate, indicating how the last marriage ended. 

Note:  Each party, if a Maine resident, must file intentions in a municipal office in the municipality where at least one of them resides.  As of July 25th, 2002 if the parties lived in different municipalities they are no longer required to file in both municipal offices.

The fee for filing is $40.00 - paid at the town office. An appointment is required with 24 hour notice. There is no waiting period, and the license is valid for 90 days after the date upon which marriage intentions are filed.  If there are prior marriages, a certified copy of how the last marriage ended (death or divorce) is required.

Q. Where are divorces filed?

A.  Divorces in Maine are filed by county.  If you are a Manchester resident and were divorced here, your record will be on file at the Southern Kennebec County District Court on State Street in Augusta.

Q. How do I register to vote? Where do I vote?

A.  Residents of Manchester register to vote at the Town Office.  You may register to vote at any time including the day of an election.  Polling place is at the Fire Department from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.